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Montag, 1. Juni 2020

Krimml - not in the mood today

Cloudy, rainy, chilly, unfriendly - but I like this May weather!

I needed to move the car after eight days and I drove to Krimml, the place where I was supposed to work this summer as "Breathing Coach". I couldn't wait for it!
And then the COVID19 happened and all programs were cancelled for this season.
I didn't plan anything big, I actually thought I would reach Zell in Zillertal today, but after 60 km driving, I felt it is not my best day, so I stopped the car just here in the middle of a high alpine road pretty steep uphill and I decided to take a hike.
It was shorter as I could imagine. I definitely was not in the mood, it happens. Even when living in Paradise :-)
The forest path was dominated by a larger cows family with new-borns and a majestic father ........... 
 ..... so I decided not to push my good luck and I returned 
after 1,5 km avoiding uncovered risks.
 The picture above: The Krimml Waterfall where the breathing programs are organized for tourists and patients from all over the world.

I just stopped on the path to find my camera in the backpack and this little guy came so fast from about 30 meters away looking at me with adorable sweet eyes ..... I let him approach and I was lucky not to be seen by the parents occupied to grasp grass about 70 meters further away ..... but 1 km further my good luck changed .....

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