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Sonntag, 21. Juni 2020

Berwang - ZugspitzArena

I start the post today with a piece of life, my life, from 19 years ago. I was exactly here in June 2001. Shorts, a big heavy backpack, first time in Austria. Alone. Not 34 at that moment yet. I celebrated my 34th birthday about three months later in Ecuador, between climbing Chimborazo and Cotopaxi :-)
After yesterday climb and the late mountain descent, I thought I will be not very active today.
Hunger decided for me, so I simply had to get out of bed and to go downstairs for breakfast. Then I thought I go back in the room for the next sleep chapter. Crazy ..... I didn't come here to sleep in the room of this pension, right?!
I took the bike from the car. In the room price the owner offers a bike, but that was not ready to be used and I decided not to spoil my day discussing the quality of the service. If you offer something, than do it properly! 

This road .... oh my Gosh! I climbed these four km of road up and down every single day from the total of seven days in Berwang! By foot or by bike, I never used the bus. 

I remember that my train on the check-out day it was very early in the morning and I left the hotel very early, no bus circulated at that time. If any taxi available - I really don't remember.
But I remember how I reached exactly this place before the train station. It was sunshine and I was early, so I took a rest here to drink water. I was happy and relaxed, the train was supposed to bring me to Innsbruck and from there further for my next week of adventure: trekking through the Rosengarten in the Dolomiti! And bang I fall in the knees ...... ups, this was painful and blood came out from one of the knees. The backpack was heavy and I had difficulties to stand up again.
So, 19 years later .... I wonder why such journeys move us emotionally so deep ..... 

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