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Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

How I survived the Romanian Revolution 25 years ago

I wrote this material over 25 years ago in Romanian language. A family friend took the text, translated it and let it published in Belgium.
Now, a friend of mine translated it into a good English and publish it on his own blog, the best blog about Bucharest I ever found on internet.
So, my text written as I was 22 and I thought the great life expects me from now one, is traveling through the years ......
The text can be a little strange, but I wrote it immediately I woke up .... after the days and nights on the streets under war conditions I reached somehow home and my mother told me 2 days later: ”I looked for you in every hospital and morgue!! You came back home after 4 days and 4 nights and you almost collapsed in front of the door. You said nothing, but felt asleep immediately. You slept 2 nights and one full day. You was awake 4 times, drank some tea and felt asleep back immediately.”
So, I awoke and started to write directly on our mechanical ancient typing machine, because I could write faster than by hand. I wrote is in one piece, no mistakes. We had no paper or ink to can afford mistakes .... this is why the text can be some strange now, after 25 years .....

Thank you Alex for the great job you did translating it!

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