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Freitag, 10. April 2015

Running on the edge of volcanic craters and further more.....

La Finca Marisa, where I have the pleasure and joy to stay these days, is situated directly to the feet of this volcanic mountain, which is easy to be climbed, a little bit difficult to get down back :-)
To climb there alone is a little bit creepy, the winds are quite strong and noisy, but if it's a sunny day, it is OK.
Dancing in the crater in Tinajo. The address of the mountains is Calle La Costa :-) By and with Anka Berger

The entire trip, from la finca to the top, then walking around the entire circular size and going further to the another hill is about 3 km. It is a fascinating trail running route, if you run off-road.
If hiking is part of your life, this short route is for sure worth to do it. From the ground to the top you need maybe 15 minutes. The view inside is spectacular, even if the mountain is not from the very big ones:
The last time being on an edge of a volcano crater was some years ago, but in a total different environment, a world of ice, snow and thin air.
Cotopaxi, active volcano in Ecuador at almost 6.000 m alt.
And you already are on the edge of the large mouth of the mountain. From here, a wild and generous world opens in front of you. Do not forget to breathe! :-), the landscape is ravishing indeed!
by Anka Berger - 10th of April 2015
The off-road coming into the picture from the right leads you to the Montana Blanca - my adventure from yesterday :-) Montana Blanca is also in the picture, but probably you cannot recognize it ... here a better picture:
The crater diameter of Mt. Blanca is 1,6 km. I will write in a different short material about the walk into and around this crater.
Going back to the crater beside La Finca Marisa  I started to the top to the left. The climb is easy. I almost reached the top and looked in front of me, quite curious about what is going to be revealed:
A vast amphitheater of old and dry lava and spare vegetation, a combination of colors and a feeling of impressive majesty of the nature....the source, the only source of our power to live and survive.
I looked to the right on the path coming from the bottom of this amphiteater:
The white houses of Tinajo and the mountain which I climbed two days ago, in a middle of a much more adventurous day could be clearly seen on the background of an amazing blue of the ocean:
I looked then to the left and went further on the dry ground. It was windy. A noisy wind. I didn't feel very safe to continue, but I did it.
I could see the other side of Tinajo and the other mountains, as the island if full of it and the amazing thing is that you can freely go to and on any of them (except the totally wild universe inside the National Parc of Timanfaya).
On the other side of the amphitheater, on the highest point of the edge is a big metallic cross.
Before to think about it, if I could reach it, I already was there!
Looking now to the left and to the right:
I continued my short adventure over the island following the path descending to the next volcanic hill which is directly linked to the crater.
The ground suddenly breaks down to the left, so pay attention, a stronger wind could throw you in the hollow and this would not be a nice experience!
A wide and no-ending road can be seen and I cycled on it many kilometers in that direction behind the higher mountain on the left of the picture .... paradise for cyclists, for sure, ideal hard training conditions for the strong ones! It is the road to Tiagua (the story of tomorrow, with another beautiful pictures).
Descending the mountain was a small challenge due to the steep and particular rough terrain, not to forget the power of the winds which are crazy dancing here.
After this short intermezzo of the day I returned to my room, I took the bike and cycled around (next short story). Pretty good to have accommodation so close, right? :-)

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