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Samstag, 18. April 2015

FINCA MARISA_Finding °that° exceptional and only one in life feeling .... (2)

Ten days ago I meet Tinajo and Finca Marisa in Tinajo as well as a deep feeling which I cannot exactly define yet. On an unhappy, isolated and sad background, my life met a lot of happiness moments on the path. The difference between these extremes in my life are quite high/deep every time, but it seems to belong to my karma, to my nature. So far I understood to try to change things in my life and perspectives and approaches, the conclusion is always the same: I cannot change the pattern. I do not find the middle way between high and deep. It is very high or very low. 
I am back in Vienna since almost one week. I landed on Sunday morning and on Monday I started work again and the week was terrible busy including some unpleasant surprises. So, I am really very tired and I missed the Ladies Cycling Route today. During the week in Lanzarote I did not sleep much. I was emotional too excited about almost everything, my first real holiday after four and half years! 
Now I finished the mechanical work to my road bike - nobody could visit me at home these days, this is for sure! -
and I remember about the days in Tinajo. It was the best part of my holiday on Lanzarote Island. And this also thanks the place where I stayed and its owner.
When I booked the accommodation for Lanzarote, last September, I choose another finca, also in Tinajo. Which I did not find, by the way. I don't remember the reason I changed the place. Not the price, for sure, because the first choice was a little bit cheaper. But no breakfast. Here I could book breakfast and this is important for me. To wake up in the morning and to be free of this kind of worry. What I eat, who is going to prepare, who will clean after me and such of stuff. I normally like to have breakfast and dinner for sure, lunch is not important. I eat very little during my adventures :-), I spent only 60 euros for food/8 days on Lanzarote!! A personal record, I have to admit.
What I liked when I booked Finca Marisa was the warm atmosphere of the rooms. Colorful walls and rustic furniture. Open space. Not cheap for 60 euros per night/room as single person. Initially I wanted to spend at least 4 nights on this part of the island, but because of the price I took only 3 nights, having 4 nights in Puerto del Carmen (for only 30 euro breakfast included).
I already described here how I reached the place, so I will not occupy anymore space about it.
Due to certain reasons I will not use pictures and names of the family who owns this beautiful finca.
At the moment I entered the building I felt extreme happy. I recognized the colors on the walls and the lady who was cleaning on a musical background and alone in the entire building was a young happy face. 
Not everybody would probably like these strong colors, but for a generous space like this and for such a remote emplacement .... for me it was the ideal combination.
The biggest surprise for me was to hear that I am probably the single guest in the house. I have to admit that I instantly loved the feeling as it would have became my own home! Yes, it sounds weird, but this was the feeling and I cannot change it.
"My room" was actually a suite and was waiting for me. I went along the narrow hallway 
and I entered on the left door, number 3, suit named "Halcones".
It isn't red, but a strong orange. Very clean and having direct door to the terrace.
"Halcones" is meaning "Hawks". I have no idea why the room was called "Halcones". The dominant animal was a terrestrial one :-)
After meeting the living room with a long table, refrigerator, a nice couch, a flat TV, a kitchen sink and a window to the terrace I entered the sleeping room to the right.
Simplicity and beauty. I could live here for months ....
To wake up in the morning and to have a look to this:
The bathroom is small, but more than enough. Hair dryer and a very modern shower-system are available, unexpected in such a remote place:
Going back on living room I has happy to discover the door to the terrace, but not before to remark that all windows had blinds, which is very important for me. I have big problems in the morning if the sun is coming into the room. Strong natural light causes pain to my eyes and if I want to sleep longer the blinds are essential.
I opened the door ...... having no idea what it is behind the door!
and I entered the terrace. It was like a freedom moment to see the terrace.... love at first sight!
and the big original white banks where I enjoyed my breakfast for the next mornings:
I saw many places around the world in my life and I liked many of them, of course. I remember about rural accommodation in Ecuador or in Norway. I do not mention the hotels or the hostels, it's a different story there. Finca Marisa is a sort of exclusivist own-suits hostel, having a common kitchen 
and terrace and another 2 rooms upstairs sharing a common bath,
as well as a small breakfast saloon - that door leads to the terrace.
La Calle Costa no. 9 is to the end of Tinajo to La Santa. Most of tourists are coming here by renting cars. A higher car would be recommended, the entrance to the yard is pretty high and impossible to be crossed by low cars.
From my point of view, the terrace is the central element of this house. Of course, being the single tourist here these days the situation was a privileged one, nobody disturbed me. This is why I enjoyed the time there a lot.
The mornings and the evenings I mostly spent on the terrace, dreaming very early in the emotional silence of the world .... with my wide open eyes and hidden thoughts from a permanently unquiet and restless soul .... by the way, I see now in this picture that my hair is actually curly ....
picture took at about 7:30 a.m.
having my breakfast ....
relaxing before or after a long ride
and some of the most amazing sunsets I ever saw (after Venice and high Himalaya/Nepal):
(to be followed)

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