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Sonntag, 22. März 2020

corona time _ 7

After four summer type days with lots of sun and about 20 degrees Celcius, yesterday evening started to rain. Today we had a very strong and cold wind, temperature feeling under zero degrees.
The commercial institutions in Austria stay closed until 13th of April at this moment: all hotels, restaurants, bars, schools, authorities, shops etc. We still can go to buy aliments and oil for cars.

Persons I know as being "The Serenity in-person" start to get worried ..... 

 Tauernklinik Zell am See, wo normalerweise immer von Menschen wirbelt ..... Parkplatz leer, keine Besuche möglich .... ob ich zu meinem Termin in zehn Tage noch hinein darf, weiss ich nicht.

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