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Mittwoch, 18. März 2020

survivors feeling in the eyes

Zell am See, Pinzgau, 
Salzburger Land - Austria - 18th of March 2020

After my brutal ski accident 11 days ago my movement range became pretty narrow. Living on the 3rd floor without any lift doesn't make my life easier for the moment. Anyway, as I experiment a lot of stuff since then having the mental goal in mind to avoid the operation of the knee, today I was outdoor for a walk.
I never use music or whatever in the ears, but this time as part of my experiments I took my mp3 player with two guided meditations by dr. Joe Dispenza. 
Everything here in the area is due to the epidemic new law closed. As probably the rest of the world we too are in a sort of waiting room of the universe. Churches, shops, hotels, bars, restaurant, playgrounds, sports facilities and studios, medical cabinets, schools, kindergartens,  all ski areas, authorities and companies - everything is closed for the next two weeks. Everything is paralyzed. The collective mental too, for sure. Food deliveries are organized by the local authorities and medical services are also well organized even mobile in several places. 
Today it was a wonderful sunny warm day like a summer day. It was the third wonderful early summer day. Until three days ago we experienced a sort of "corona virus weather": a heavy clouds cover over the entire valley, no mountains to be seen, grey sky and no sounds around. And the mountains here starts from 2.000 m high up to over 3.000 m high - I watch them from the window of my flat.
The feeling I got today meeting the few people who went out for a walk:
"We are the survivors" - and a kind, soft smile on their faces ..... Every time I had a slightly strange feeling with every face I met on my way .....  The story of the actual virus epidemy is still not to an end .....
I experienced about three hours of amazing feelings which I cannot describe today. The walk was slow due to my pains and limitations, about 16 to 20 minutes per km. I walked uphill on the mountain having no idea how I will be able to come down again. I walk for a total of eleven km with those meditations in my ears. Happy is an insignificant word to describe what I experienced ....
At the 8th km I took place on the meadow and I focused on the injury. I visualised the ruptured knee bands in a dance .... it was amazing and I have to draw this these days .... because it was just amazing!!
When I felt too cold and knowing that I still have to walk for about three km back home I got up on my feet and I felt no pain anymore. I tried various movements with the leg, I forced some movements, I was on down hill and .... no pain. The 8th km took me ten minutes!!! I danced on the way letting the feeling come inside .... a pitty I cannot upload the video.
It was an amazing day and I have learnt a lot ...... 

Coming home and looking on the internet:
along the last 4,5 hours, another 521 people worldwide died because of the virus. Probably more .... I prefer to stay "paralyzed" in this matter and not to comment. Maybe especially because starting 2012 I experienced every single winter laryngitis, bronchitis or pneumonia and the last one in February 2016 it was so heavy, that I wanted to die. And now I watch on a monitor numbers which are gone lives of people like me .....

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